Doing an INKFISH apprenticeship prepares you for the digital marketing world. It gives you experience in a virtual environment, working with technology, or in a professional area that you haven’t had hands-on experience with.

You may be a student, wanting to get that experience in before you become eligible for the job market, or you may be somebody who’s considering changing their profession and wants to add additional skills to their skill set. Our apprenticeships are also great for people whose life has changed or is in a challenging position where they’re not able to work a full time job, such as moms with kids at school for which they need to be home, or people with disabilities. As long as you have a computer, and good, uncapped internet, you are very welcome to join our apprenticeship program – from anywhere in the world.

If you’re unsure which program to apply for, just come and start. The digital marketing course is possibly the most broad, as you will be taught what all aspects of all different departments are. We are open and flexible to allow you to change course if that suits you better in your own particular path. We believe that people should be encouraged to go where their heart leads them, and this apprenticeship is suited to doing just that.

We do require you to take this as a serious job, as we are providing a lot of great training material that is consistently updated, as well as hands-on tutors that monitor and support you at all times. This is valuable knowledge that you won’t get in an ordinary school setting. And yet, you get this for free. In exchange, we want you to simply be there, give it your best, and communicate with us. The only requirement to apply is that you are fluent in English, and that you have successfully completed Google’s Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course.

digital marketing apprentice

At the end of this apprenticeship you will have the foundation to grow to be an independent marketing manager with your own clients or work in a small company managing the internal marketing or perhaps become part of a digital marketing agency anywhere in the world.

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writing, social media and set apprentice

During the writing apprenticeship, you will be learning to how structure blogs, social media intros, research keywords and hashtags, categorise and optimise content for Google and a lot more. Your skills will be in demand as a freelancer or as part of a digital marketing team.

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video and graphic design apprentice

This apprenticeship is great to break into the graphic design world where the requirement is always to have work experience! You will learn how to create graphics for websites, templates for consistent branding, logo formats and print terms, basic video editing, create infographics and learn about copyright when sourcing images. You learn this while creating a wide variety of designs you can save for your portfolio!

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web design & technical seo apprentice

During the apprenticeship you will learn best practice in formatting and styling of blog posts, landing pages and product pages for e-commerce websites. You will be able to set up a WordPress website from start to finish, including installing and customising themes and installing and configuring relevant plugins as needed. Tools and plugins that you’ll work with include Mailchimp, Google Analytics, Yoast SEO, Gravity Forms and WooCommerce. 

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