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How to use visual communication tools to improve your brand message.

Workshop on design decisions for your company / brand.

Visual language is a powerful tool we can all use to ensure your message is understood in a split second. A good designer is aware of visual choices and how they can improve your message. It is not hard to become aware if your visuals are conveying the right thing. Join us for an eye-opening and engaging workshop.

We will work through the following aspects:

  • visual communication and design
  • colours, and colour combinations
  • fonts and their personalities
  • graphic style and the association they evoke
  • the meaning of your logo icon
  • photographic style in your marketing material
  • the importance of consistency

Date & time: 20 November | 6pm to 8pm
Venue & place: AccessIT, Ballybeg, Waterford
Cost: Free

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Attendee Testimonials.

Great content and the quiz aspect helped get and keep the interest.
Nicola Tull, Renew Enterprises

I enjoyed the explanation of colour usage in advertising and project lengths. Presentation gets to the point.
Thomas Fitzgerald, Waterford youth arts

All very informative
Breeda Berwingham Mid life women Rock Project

I enjoyed when I learned about the importance of the use of colours in brands as well as the different types of fonts.
Kerry Liew

I enjoyed the interactivity, worksheet for practice, covered with enough detail for an intro session and gets you thinking.
Xanilizé Botha

I enjoyed learning about the importance of colours and fonts. And how important contrasting is.
Aisling Finn, The Book Resort

I enjoyed the insight into common colours and fonts
Jai Aloore, 2020 and co crafts

I was very impressed with Suzan. The colours part was very interesting. Suzan is very passionate about the business. I’m looking forward to her next workshop. Very easy to understand. Great personality.
Jimmy O’Brien, O’Brien Motors Waterford